What is an everyday activist?

What is an everyday activist?

An everyday activist makes the world a better place through the actions in everyday life. It is a person who takes action and wants to create a positive change for other people. Everybody can be an everyday activist. It is simply just to get started. Begin with your own everyday life.

As an everyday activist you follow three dogmas:
1. Start in your own reality
    - What do you want to change in your own everyday life to make it better?
2. Do it together with other people
    - Who wants to help and support and be an everyday activist with you?
3. Make the world a better place by working with SDG 12
    - How can you make the world a better place through you everyday actions?

Discus in class:

  • Do you know an activist?
  • Do you have examples of an everyday activist?
  • Are some of you already an everyday activist?


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