Find your own cause

Find your own cause

Now you need to try to be an everyday activist yourselves.

Get together in a small group. Look at your individually filled out forms My everyday life with SDG 12 and share with each other what you have written down.

Discus what you think is the most important and what you as a group would like to make into one specific cause. Your cause needs to live up to the three dogmas of an everyday activist.

1. Find one cause that makes a difference in your everyday lives. A cause that makes the
world a better place in relation to the SDG 12. Discuss the following questions in your

• What would you like to change or do something about in your everyday lives?
• What is your cause about?
• Why is your cause important?
• Describe one concrete action you can do today to realize your cause
• How does your cause do something about SDG 12?

2. Summarize your cause by filling out the this form

3. Present your cause to the rest of your class

4. If you have got time try to do the concrete action in your cause and record or take
photos of the action. You can use the photos/film clips later when you edit a
presentation film of your cause.


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